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Oral B Genius Care

​​​​Oral B Genius Care is the first electric toothbrush brand recognized by the American Dental Association


​​​​Oral B has been a leader in oral care for over 60 years. Now we are the first electric toothbrush brand recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA). All models of Oral-B oscillating-spin-pulsing electric toothbrushes including Oral-B Pro 1000 Oral-B Pro 3000 The Oral-B Pro 5000 Oral-B Pro 6000 Oral-B Pro 7000 and Oral-B iO series have all earned this coveted title. When considering an electric toothbrush it can be helpful to get guidance from a professional who sets the standard for dental care. ADA Acceptance does it by letting you know Oral-B meets the safety and efficacy levels recommended by dental professionals.

The Importance of ADA Acceptance

The ADA's Seal of Acceptance was established in 1931 to help consumers find safe and effective oral health care products. For Oral-B that means we accept Oral-B electric toothbrushes that meet the ADA specification for electric toothbrushes and are proven safe and effective to remove Plaque helps prevent and reduce gingivitis.

Oral-B Vibrating Rotating Pulsating Electric Toothbrush First to Receive ADA Recognition

Oral B genius care toothbrushes meet all the stringent requirements for ADA acceptance. As part of this process our toothbrushes must pass a series of ADA laboratory tests and meet ADA and American National Standards Institute dental standards. We also submit proof of research Clinical Safety and Efficacy.

Oral-B 3D cleaning action technology provides superior cleaning results

In general electric toothbrushes clean the teeth and the mouth better than manual toothbrushes. But the Oral B genius care is unique with its unique round dentist-inspired brush head with a special CrossAction bristle design and 3D cleaning action technology that pulsates to break down plaque then spins to sweep it away. exist Comparative study with Sonicare DiamondClean Oral-B CrossAction 3D cleaning action technology proves better cleaning:
  • Oral-B can remove 33% more plaque in hard-to-reach places3
  • Oral-B improves gum health by 32% over Sonicare DiamondClean3

Best Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

Our overall recommendation for the best Oral-B electric toothbrush is the Oral-B Pro 3 3500.

It has the basic features recommended by our in-house dentist - a pacemaker timer and a visible pressure sensor.

If you're on a tight budget our recommendation is the Vitality 100.

It has a 2-minute timer and a 30-second pacemaker. It lacks a pressure sensor has shorter battery life and doesn't offer 3D cleaning action like the Pro 3 3500.

But the upside is that the purchase price is much lower. It can still clean your teeth well as long as you use the correct brushing technique.

In terms of technology the best Oral-B toothbrushes you can buy are the Oral-B iO series especially the smart toothbrush series 9.

Usually we don't recommend smart toothbrushes because they pack more features than the average person needs driving up the price.

How to choose an electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth

If you suffer from sensitive teeth and gums, you are not alone. According to the Oral Health Foundation, while sensitive teeth are more likely to affect people in their 20s and 40s, it can still occur in teens and people over 70. Another fun fact: It's more common in women than men.

According to the Oral Health Foundation, some common causes of sensitivity include erosion, recession, tooth decay, gum disease, teeth grinding, whitening, and toothbrush wear (translation: brushing too hard). While less brushing may seem like the solution, it's actually more important to maintain the habit of brushing twice a day to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Can an electric toothbrush be replaced by a manual toothbrush?

Many research shows that electric toothbrushes are better at removing plaque. It's easier to remove plaque completely with an electric toothbrush.

Plaque contains bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

That being said a manual toothbrush is sufficient if used properly.

Can an electric toothbrush improve oral health?

An 11-year study found that using an electric toothbrush has long-term protective effects on oral health.

A 2014 review of many different studies found that electric toothbrushes removed more plaque than manual toothbrushes.

Electric toothbrushes improve gum disease and reduce progression to more serious gum disease (periodontitis).

People who use electric toothbrushes for a long time can keep more teeth.

Do Dentists Recommend The Electric Toothbrush?

While not everyone needs an electric toothbrush many will benefit from using an electric toothbrush.

An electric toothbrush makes it easier to remove plaque at home. They improve your technique.

I've also found that patients are more likely to clean their teeth for longer periods of time because the timer built into the brush encourages this.

And because they're proven to remove more plaque they help keep gums and teeth healthy.

It seems I'm not alone with 27% switching to electric on the recommendation of a dentist.